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Icons Galore

I love icons

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This community is for people who are crazy about icons, especially stolen ones. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

We've had some trouble with icon makers coming into this community and spamming, therefore, all entries will now be Friends Only. If you are going to come into this community to bitch and moan about how stealing icons is "wrong", you WILL be banned. Thank you.

LiveJournal FAQ #136 clearly states the following:
"You do not hold the copyright to icons or photographs of celebrities or any icon made out of other copyrighted artwork, unless you are the copyright holder of the source image. Even if you have altered the image, the copyright still belongs to the original copyright holder, and you cannot file a notification."

In order to keep everyone happy in this community, there are a few rules you must follow to be a part of this:
1. You gotta ask to join
2. No one needs to be rude to any of the other members or mods... everyone will get one warning before we throw them out
3. Crediting is not needed here because most of the icons are stolen anyway...so please just don't ask
4. HAVE FUN!!!! This community was made to be something fun to do with friends so...Just have fun and post as many icons as u want!
5. Posts with more than 3 icons should be placed under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this, ask one of the mods, or look in LJ FAQ. Thanks.

Meet Your Mods

prettycutegurl and ohdissonance