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If you're an Evanescence fan and you love to create graphics then this is the place for you!
Every type of graphic you could ever want or need!
Starting shortly we will also be having themes and a graphic of the week!

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hey again

hey all just writing to tell you guys that in my spare time i like to do vector images of amy lee. i have a website set up through so if you are intersted the address is:

if you have an image that you would like replicated please leave me a link and i can send it to you some how. and example of my work is in my little image i leave on my posts or on the webpage! thanks!
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(no subject)

Hey every fellow Ev lover, I was wondering if you could all be so kind as to check out some of these great fourms and sites, I find they are some awesome commnities and it would be great to see some new members around :)

Two of the above sites are having some minor difficulties, but I would be ever so greatful if you would check them out when you have some tiem.
thanks muchly :)
me and john david

(no subject)

hello music is that time...the time where i spend up all of my money on cds b/c i cannot download music anymore.
i would like to know your favorite album/ give me some ideas. i like almost everything. so just let me know who and why.
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Reesh- sonne

(no subject)

Evanscence ROCK! (you all know that otherwise you wouldn't be members)
Anyways, Ive loved the band for over a year now and saw them in concert last year, they were awsome!!
My name's Alice and I'm 17 from lovely old england!
So yer, just wanted to say hi, So HI!
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