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are you and your signifigant other hot as fuck? are you single, but know what your ideal mate would look like/be like?

go ahead and join.

before you can be accepted, the following must happen:

1. post a picture of you and your signifigant other. for you singles, post a picture of you, a drawing of your ideal mate, and a description of them. (more than one picture? lj-cut please.)

2. tell us about yourself. we don't want jerks or losers here.

3. tell us why you are a cute couple.

4. people will vote on if you are/would make a cute couple.

5. get a majority of yesses, you're in. get a majority of no's, find a new signifigant other and come back. you get one more chance, after that, we'll ban you.

sound good? good. you don't really have to be babelicious or have a babelicious boyfriend/girlfriend, you just have to look good together.

also, during your voting period, don't vote on anyone else. only comment on people's comments on you. you are also allowed to post more pictures if they are requested.

mods (also the hottest couple alive):