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born in the 80s, raised in the 90s

this is my generation, baby

born in the '80s
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Back in the summer of 2003, supersyncspaz7 got addicted to I Love the 80s and decided that it was high time for someone to make a place for people her age (who remembered bits of the '80s and pretty much all of the '90s) to have a place to wax nostalgic. And lo, she created this community and it was good, and many joined to discuss the good old days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Brat Pack, Alicia Silverstone's heyday, Nick in the Afternoon, playing with Barbies, and, of course, the Y2K bug. And many came and joined this community, and yea, it was good.

1. No community promotion. Unless your community has SOMETHING to do with the 80s/90s and the events/pop culture of, DO NOT PROMOTE IT. I might make an exception, but other than that--if anyone promotes rating communities or something wildly off-topic, it'll get deleted.

2. No requesting friends. There's communities for that. It's okay to do it within the context of an on-topic post, though.

3. Don't post inappropriate pictures or links. Likewise, if an image in your post is more than 400 by 400 pixels wide, PLEASE put it behind a cut, as to prevent layouts from being stretched and pages from loading slowly and people bitching at you.

4. Should any rules be broken, you will be banned. If you're a troll? Banned. If you post community promos constantly? Banned. Okay? Okay.

nick_of_yore: old-school Nickelodeon.
teen_movies: self-explanatory.
theninetiesrule: kinda dead, but totally 90s centric.
ilovethe_80s: 80s fans.
ilovethe: about the I Love the... series on VH1.
tlsg: dedicated to Teeny Little Super Guy, seen on Sesame Street and Nickelodeon!
flash_forward: for fans of the Disney Channel show.
i_love_the_90s: self-explanitory.
howtheylooknow: see how your favorite stars from yesterday look now.
playmobil: discuss the wonderfully bendy plastic people!

Thank you, and goodnight.
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