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Trish [userpic]
Came to me while I was doing....guess??
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at September 26th, 2004 (03:39 pm)

current mood: amused

Washing is my duty
Washing is my chore
Washing is my love of loves
No, washing is a bore.

T Gaunt :)

Trish [userpic]
Sitting on the train
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at August 24th, 2004 (10:00 pm)

Sitting on the train
Looking at the sky
Blue sky, bright sky
Layers of clouds
Hanging at diff'rent heights
So much like a 3-d movie
Maybe I can reach up and touch one?

Trish [userpic]
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at August 12th, 2004 (07:13 pm)

Question nothing that seemly fortune yields

Trish [userpic]
Today is a day of games
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at August 12th, 2004 (04:40 pm)

Unknown forces have claimed the scene outside my window,
For a games tournament I can watch, but not understand
I am a mere spectator, of a game I cannot fully appreciate

The players have taken up their positions at either end of the court
The lines are drawn, the rules accepted, and so the game begins...
A perfectly timed volley as an invisible ball is batted between them

This is not a game of two unruly children, but a tournament of skill
On a grander scale than any other game I have ever seen
Lightning strikes form their rackets, thunder is their referee

Trish [userpic]
A beautiful, yet somehow unsettling sight...
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at August 11th, 2004 (05:08 pm)

I noticed out of the study window that rather large white and grey clouds were rolling in over the blue skies,
I looked down to what I was doing, and looked back up, as I caught sight of something out the corner of my eye.

A section of blue sky was shrinking, as the clouds on all sides moved closer together, drowning the blue in a sea of cloud.
I've since been told that it is possible for clouds to move together, but it looked eerie and unnatural...
Especially as it did it again, and again - each patch of blue drowned out by thick grey and white clouds closing in on it

Clouds rotate past our field of vision so often, all moving in the same one direction. Often fast enough that we can see them
But clouds moving together like this looks malevolent in intent...like a weed growing relentlessly over the surface of a pond,
Choking the movement of the water, leaving only stagnancy in it's wake, only here it is the blue sky that has been choked
Leaving heavy grey & white clouds moving too slowly for us to see them, hanging in the sky like a malevolent weed in a pond

Trish [userpic]
Stormy weather...
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at August 3rd, 2004 (06:53 pm)

I'm staring, transfixed out the window.
Low, regular rumbles for the past hour
The wind has kicked up, taking all of 3 minutes,
The trees outside sway vigourously
I'm waiting...

Huge, grey clouds have swirled over the sky, it's gone very dark.
The only bright area far off on the horizon,
And now I can hear the the gentle light rain
(A good job I can write without looking)
Still waiting....

Pressure is building, tightening in my head
As it has for a while
The neighbour's grandchildren have gone inside
All I can hear is the wind and the rain
Still waiting...

And still the low, rythmic rumble of thunder
Birds fluttering from one tree to another
Flapping their wings hard against the wind
Wonderful sky, beautiful storm, you know what I want,
I'm waiting...

You're teasing me
Making sure I see your full beauty
Not just the superficial glory
As you light up the sky
Still waiting...

You tease, I hate you, you waited
Until the moment I looked away
The only flash I see, a reflection
In my husband's eyes as he watches my glee
Still waiting...

Dear sky, beautiful storm
You can't be leaving
Sky's lighter now, but the pressure remains
The rain and the wind persisting
I'm waiting...

Quieter still, rumbling less
Birds venturing further now
Steady rain, but wind dropping
A sudden flash!
No waiting...

A light in the sky
Takes over completely
It's beauty mere seconds
And gone just as swiftly
No waiting...

Please, show me again
And again and again
Light up my sky
I long for your beauty
I'm waiting...

Wonderful sky, spectacular storm
You take hold of my soul
I am lost in your power
Given up willingly
Still waiting...

Watching, and loving
Adoring your light
You crash and you burn
Again and again
No waiting...

Too shortly you tire, bored of performing
I thank you, you leave me
The rain kisses your adieus
And until the next time
I'm waiting...

Trish [userpic]
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at August 2nd, 2004 (10:49 pm)

...is not a good thing.

Simple Truths is now 40 (A5) pages long, with 9k words. Formatting is done (decided to keep it simple), including booklet printing (I love Word XP, it has saved me so much hassle), cover done. I love it. The only probs are:-
1. I've still not gotten around to getting myself a long stapler, so it's held together by string at the mo (hehe)
2. I can't make up my mind to section or not to section. I've got a contents page, but the quotes are proving difficult to compartmentalise (grrrr). I mean there's easy ones like Love, Friendship, Humourous quotes etc., but it's the rest that's fucking me off tonight. Cos there's ones that fit into several categories, and while I could make it easier on anyone reading it and duplicate those in their second/third categories, I can't be arsed with having a book padded with duplication.

I think I'm gonna give it up for tonight, but because I'm proud of the way it looks, I've done some WIP pics...I know not particularly usual, considering it's a piece of writing, not artwork, but it's still my baby :)

hidden under here tho...photos not good: really crappy lightCollapse )

Trish [userpic]
Poem 3: Truth
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at July 20th, 2004 (08:32 pm)

If beauty is pure truth
And truth a thing so fair
When anyone doth lie
Then live we in despair

Trish [userpic]
Poem 2: Masks...
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at July 20th, 2004 (08:29 pm)

I am the mask you wear,
You hide within my walls.
But if you show no care,
And if too long you hide.
In time by me you're worn,
A shadow left inside.


I am the mask you wear,
You hide within my walls.
But if you show no care,
In time by me you're worn.
For if too long you hide,
Who is there left inside?

Trish [userpic]
1st Poems
by Trish (thru_her_lens)
at July 20th, 2004 (08:28 pm)

Playing with a magnetic kit of Elizabethan words....

For my love
Oft did I dream of thee...
Ere I loved thee.

Bestow mercy on those
With poisonous minds
For discontent are they.

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