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alright im pretty sure this is our last chance of living for this comminity,
sooo yea,
moving on......
has anyone here read the anarchist's cookbook?
i havnt.
im just reading the knockoff Anubis' Hanbook that i downloaded off the internet.

pretty sweet.
yeah and im sick.
thats it for my news.

your best friend,
General Mao

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ive been gone for a shit load of time but yeah im gonna be back for the time being, if you would like your pic in the info page or if you have a new one and you would like it to go in there, now would be the time to let me know and ill put it in that madre.
i am speaking spanish,

also if you would like to request to looks of the community such as the colors or the backround picture, please let me know via AIM(JesusAndThenSome)or commenting,
i am still grounded, but the hell with it

unlike other communities, this one allows mods to shit on users...and the users can shit back, but u'll be banned
i wont shit on u if you dont shit on me.

whining about the deadnes of el community will not be accepted unless complaining to your mother,
i am your biological father,

killing of illegal immigrants to your country will now be permitted
i do believe in not believing........ever.

if you do not like long, stupid, and random rule posts, please leave or wait to be shot.
money grows........in your mother's pants.

althogh, almost dead, dormant volcanos still do not discribe this community
i was born in a jar.

if bannanas were never made,what the hell would a monkey do?
you may answer that.

im sorry if you did not like my post, but i really dont care.
i am finished...for now