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swing lo satellite, hot white chariot!

†††† the application ††††

† part 1 †

your name: jessa aka, tang X the superbot (my drunken' alterego)
your age: twenty
where do you live?: new york, new york
AIM(if have it): tangX superbot
male or female: female

† part 2 †

7 fav bands (you can do more if you want)
- rites of spring
- ted leo & the pharmacists
- bright eyes (& desaparecidos)
- choking victim (& leftover crack, morning glory, inDK)
- the rapture
- the faint
- rilo kiley
- northstar
- melt banana (& romantic gorilla)
- the postal service
- municipal waste (& spazz, limp wrist, knifed)

name 5 or more bands that their death would bring a smile to your face.
- to
- each
- his
- own
- .
2 fav books (if you can read)
- anything by mr. palahniuk (invisible monsters my favorite).
- the lamentable journey of omaha bigelow into the impenetrable loisada jungle
- 1984
- the plague
- kitchen (& lizard)

† part 3 †

your say on...
anarchy: i believe in some semblance of order. but i also believe chaos to be the natural order of things. so maybe i just need to make a compromise?
drugs: do them,like them, don't really care if i need to face reality. as our friend pat says, "i've been sober for 2 days and reality is already starting to grate at me like sandpaper."
gay marrage: love is love, a vessel is just that. people will always be afraid of what they don't know or can't understand.
harry potter: i got addicted freshman year in high school. yes, i know... though i have not yet read the new one, so i'm a bad person. booh to formula novels, but it's addictive! go quidditch!
racists: everyone is guilty of some level of racism or prejudice, homophobia, ageism, class distinctions and sexism. i myself make an effort to be well informed and not ignorant. besides, i'm a spink, so really who can i make fun of? i steal cars i can't drive.

† part 4 †

why does YOUR butt bleed? well i had this unfortunate rusty chainsaw meets my rectum incident, and the gangrene is spreading to my teeth and causing really bad morning breath.
do you snowboard? i live in the city? i think me running really fast down the sidewalk and sliding into some jerk's classy escalade is the closest thing i'll get to snowboarding.
is anna hott? she's got me worked up so sex.... so sexual!

picture time! (excuse me for weirdness ahead of time)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is my impression of sonic the hedgehog

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me on left with my very awesome kiwi, we love kiwi here at the neverland ranch.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me drinking at 11:30 am because it's scene.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the awesomest one yet... blue light asbestos curtosy of my friend tyler b


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