the community

hey, im really sorry ur community is dying. just post a blog in a billion other communities and hope ppl will join? lol. well it could work. just trying to give ideas, <3
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the aPpLiCaTiOn <3

sorry i didnt use the cut, lol.

†††† the application ††††

"yeah, its true"

† part 1 †

your name: rini
your age: 15
where do you live?: portland, Maine
AIM(if have it): xtropicsx
male or female: female

† part 2 †

7 fav bands (you can do more if you want)
-green day
-the killers
-hawthorne heights
-story of the year
-somthing corporate
-my chemical romance
-the used
-rise against

name 5 or more bands that their death would bring a smile to your face.
-good charlotte
-the white stripes
-linkin park
-systems of a down
-maroon 5
2 fav books (if you can read)
-rumble fish

† part 3 †

your say on...
anarchy: it has its pros and cons but i like it
drugs: clean for 5 months =]
gay marrage: its doesnt make any difference to me, im straight
harry potter: tried to read em, but never got around to it
racists: fuck all racists!!!!!
† part 4 †

why dose YOUR butt bleed? i have no idea
do you snowboard? only ski
is anna hott? shes gorgeous

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