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My Best Shot at Good Icons You May Like

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hbpen's icons -- Lots of TV & MOVIE icons, esp Firefly & Serenity, but lots of others too

I (hbpen) may not be the best icon maker on LJ, but some of my stuff turns out pretty nice. Feel free to use any of these icons, but please comment to tell me which you're taking & credit _my_best_shot. Also feel free to make requests. All comments, including constructive crit, is welcomed. :)

The majority of my icons will likely be related to Firefly/Serenity, BtVS, and AtS. But there will be lots of other misc icons that may be worth the scroll/friending. Also, feel free to check the memories/tags to see a list of subjects that my icons cover.

Requests are also welcomed!

Most of my icons are made for: reflecticons lyricalicons whedonosity u2_song_icons serenityicons firefly_caps lit_icons wash_icontest fireflicons

Most caps from: http://still-flying.net http://www.screencap-paradise.com http://buffy.rainingdreams.org cap_it http://freezeframenetwork.net
and http://freezeframenetwork.org (before they took it down)


Feel free to add me or let me know if you'd like to be an affiliate.

My Award Winning Icons