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The Oasis 2716 Forsyth Road Winter Park FL 407-657-6047 April Show Dates April 8th 2005 Fish Pocket, Social Ghost, runnin' blind & Sourpuss April 9th 2005 Bad Cat, Persona, Outer Darkness, TBA April 15th 2005 Iron Cross April 16th 2005 SICKROOM with WhisperDying, Bleeding Inc. & PSG $$5.00 18&UP 9:00PM April 22nd 2005 Deagas, Lost in Progress & TBA April 23rd 2005 KillJoy, Dissever, Divine Proportion & Amnesty April 29th 2005 Mezmer Machine, Hawkeye & TBA April 30th 2005 Wreckless Dream, Summerlin, Certain Individuals May Show Dates May 14th 2005 Morbid Subculture Prod. Presents: FLs Most BRUTAL Fucking Grind Show! Local Grind from Tampa, Daytona, Clearwater, Pompano Beach & Orlando! Doors @ 7:00pm ALL AGES! $5/$7

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    No Way...

  • help needed!!

    hey!! we've been lucky enough to get nominated to play the adelaide taste of chaos!!! voting can be done at…

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