help needed!!

hey!! we've been lucky enough to get nominated to play the adelaide taste of chaos!!! voting can be done at or

help us do that by click the banner and voting 919 !!!!then tell all your friends to the same!!!
much luv



Mod Post.

Hello everyone. I don't know who reads this or posts here anymore so I'm going to take a vote. Comment on this entry stating whether you think the community should stay open. If I get enough comments and feel that the response was credible, I'll keep the community open. If I don't get any comments, well, obviously I'm going to have to close the community down. And, If I get a good response I will make changes on the community to make it more enjoyable.

Everyone has until next Thursday to comment!

P.S. If you're not sure who this is, it's face_values. I made a new account and forgot to inform you all. Sorry.

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The Oasis 2716 Forsyth Road Winter Park FL 407-657-6047 April Show Dates April 8th 2005 Fish Pocket, Social Ghost, runnin' blind & Sourpuss April 9th 2005 Bad Cat, Persona, Outer Darkness, TBA April 15th 2005 Iron Cross April 16th 2005 SICKROOM with WhisperDying, Bleeding Inc. & PSG $$5.00 18&UP 9:00PM April 22nd 2005 Deagas, Lost in Progress & TBA April 23rd 2005 KillJoy, Dissever, Divine Proportion & Amnesty April 29th 2005 Mezmer Machine, Hawkeye & TBA April 30th 2005 Wreckless Dream, Summerlin, Certain Individuals May Show Dates May 14th 2005 Morbid Subculture Prod. Presents: FLs Most BRUTAL Fucking Grind Show! Local Grind from Tampa, Daytona, Clearwater, Pompano Beach & Orlando! Doors @ 7:00pm ALL AGES! $5/$7