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Here is a place where you can review ANY CD, 45, 33, or cassette you wish (any album really), no matter how obscure, how old, whatever, your opinion counts here.

Whether it's a CD you just got or had for awhile, tell us about the good points about it, because any information about it may just get someone to check it out, and really like it.

The Rules
no flamming, NO OBCENE, ICONS, PICTURES OR STORIES. ONCE I FIND OUT ABOUT A VIOLATION, I WILL ASK YOU ONCE TO STOP USING IT HERE. IF YOU CONTINUE, YOU WILL BE BANNED!, and keep it music related. yes you can promote music related communities, but the catch is they CANNOT be rating communities; i will delete those on sight. they are just a waste of time, and if you want to be judged by your music, go ahead, just dont briing it here.

NEW AS OF 3/27/O5 i really dont understand why communities need an application to be joined. we have to fill out apps for jobs, loans, cars, schools, etc. if you can come up with a logical reason why your community is so important it has to be by application and "peer" votes on said application, you may promote it here. otherwise, your promo will be deleted by you or me within 24 hours, which may get you banned by the community you're promoting, as you need a cerain number of promos. other than that, if i see something i dont like, ill tell you

A Quick Rule-List (to make certain you read them)
1. No flaming.
2. No graphic obscenity (ie: nudity. Swearing is part of free speech, and if you can't tolerate it, leave).
3. Keep it music related (i'll even bend this rule a little to include poetry.
poetry is just songs without the music and chorus).
(go get off on getting judged on your taste in music on your own time, just don't bring that trite, shallow shit here)
5. Music related or not, no promos for communities you need an application to join;
it just gives the mod(s) and the other members too much power, and it's stupid
Any rules you don't adhere to = banning. Any rules you don't think should be rules, feel free to email me, IM me (all on my info page), or leave an entry, and I'll consider it. But if you bring it up, and I determine it to be logical (my rule), you will be banned (ha, just kidding, I'm not that much of an asshole).

Feel free to do the following (I recommend YouSendIt for the following)
1. If you have a recording of yourself, and you want to share, have at it.
2. If you have any other song file (.mp3 or .wav only) you think we should hear,
write an entry giving us a little background on it, and post the song if you'd like.

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