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name: divya
favorite musician featured in the OC: death cab for cutie
favorite song featured in the OC: i can't cut it down to one song so i'll name a few. anything by death cab, rooney, and dirty vegas. i also loved dice by finley quaye, hallelujah by jeff buckley, and cool by gwen stefani, just to name a few.

it's insane how the OC has such a good music selection. most tv shows these days cater to the pop or rap/r & b audience, but it looks like the OC is more into the alternative/soft rock genre, which is where i'm at. this show is by far the BEST! can't wait for season 3!

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Hey. I am completely consumed by The OC. Its my favorite television show and I can't beleiev how much I enjoy the music. There isn't a song I don't like on this show.

Name: Frederick
Favorite musician featured in The OC: The Killers. I love their music.
Favorite song featured in The OC: Finley Quaye & Beth Orton - Dice (Season 01, Episode 14: The Countdown)
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yay for the new layout! :)

click the cut for:
random oc icons, 2 rachel bilson friend onlys, a mix of song titles...Collapse )
maybe i will update with more later!
but for now have fun with this stuff! lol.

you should be able to listen to the songs listed under the cut on cdzinc.com.
hmm. i think that's it.

oh yea. yall should be trying to get alot of people to join this community! and yall should also give brittany (xmizzbejx) and i some ideas as to what you would like to see going on here.
much love!
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Hey ;)


I just stumbled upon this community and I am so glad I found it. I have the OC mixes 1, 2, and 4 and I love 'em all! here's my form...Collapse )

And just to let everyone know, if you don't already, there's an official site - http://musicfromtheoc.com - where you can get info about new mixes and see a list of every song played, per episode, on the OC under 'weekly mix.'

Season 2 DVD comes out in 2 months!!!
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