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okay. so, the mod posts first.

Email address:

10 Favorite bands:
1. Nirvana
2. pink floyd
3. smashing Pumpkins
4. Guano apes
5. Kidney thieves
6. Deftones
7. The black Keys
8. Led Zepplin
9. oleander
10. Screaming trees

I also have a blues fetish. i'm not sure why.

bands/Genres you hate: American hiFi, 311, blink 182, My chemical romance, the Rasmus, and such. I don't like mainstream. That's the jist of it i guess. it feels entirely too processed. oh, and I despise rap but classic country is okay.

10 cds you would like to own
1. Troublegum by troublegum
2. Superunknown by soundgarden
3. Repeater by Fugazi
4. Placebo by Placebo
5. Music to make Love to Your old lady by By Lovage
6. Good God's Urge by Porno for pyros
7. Beautiful Freak by The Eels
8. Loveless by my Bloody Valentine
9. The constant lover by Magneta Lane
10. Let go by Nada Surf

Tell us something about you.

I'm a theatre geek...but i don't do that whole on stage scene. It's just tech work for me and i wouldn't have it any other way. It doesn't pay much...but I get by.
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