My Good it's been forever since I open this community. Who would have guessed that after giving up on it losing the internet and eventually giving up on this thing entirely it would still be getting new members.


Who's ready to mix?? I know that I am after all that.

In Order to mix we need a "songs to dance in your underwear to" or "Local Bands". Any Suggestions for the next mix?
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kids, guns

Lets do it - here I am

Here's a little bit about me...

Name: Lindsay
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Email address:

10 Favorite bands:
1. mxpx
2. peeping tom
3. head automatica
4. self
5. teen idols
6. my chemical romance
7. lupe fiasco
8. anything w/ mike patton (ie. mr bungle, lovage, ect...)
9. nine inch nails
10. lunachicks

bands/Genres you hate: jazz fusion? not much else...

Top 10 cds you would like to own: top ten? i think i've got everything I like that i KNOW about.... that's why i'm here... i'm hoping someone will enlighten me to something I've never heard before.

1. m80
2. trans am
3. beastie boys - paul's boutique
4. marilyn manson - mechanical animals
5. the blow
6. george baker
7. go betty go
8. ...i'm actually looking for some good euro electronic stuff.... ... really.
9. ...some new underground shit from your home town. (any kind of music.)
10. ...and anything that is so awesome you can't stand it.

Tell us something about you. .... i went to art school and now i make art for a living. I like all sorts of music - especially music that makes you feel intense emotions - whether that's passion, hatred, happy... whatever. I'm really not hard to please.
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The Profile

Name:blue_fire_tree AKA Enrique
Location: Lubbock TX

10 Favorite bands:
1 The Mars volta
2 The Weakerthans
3 Thursday
4 Etta James
5 Something Corporate
6 Dwight Yoakum
7 M.I.A.
8 Common
9 celia Cruz
10 DangerDoom
bands/Genres you hate:

Top 10 cds you would like to own:
1 johnny cash unearthed box set
2 Final Fantasy 7 OST
3 FF7 Advent Children ost
4 Neko Case The tigers have spoken
5 The cure connect the dots boxed set
6 doug OST
7 muse thats showbiz
8 edward scissor hands ost
9 rites of spring
10 rise against siren song of the counter culture

Tell us something about you.
I Am A Health Unit Coordinator AT UMC Hospital in lubbock, I hope to go to nursing school next semester and my and my sister will be starting a band soon.I dont have a car because I wrecked mine 2 days before I turned 19 and I love the show SCRUBS!
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Top 10

Top 10 Bands. From Nicholas of Orange County. Ha. What an introduction.

1. Blonde Redhead
2. death from above 1979
3. Built to spill
4. Mates of state
5. Tree People
6. Animal Collective
7. Black Mountain
8. The Pixies
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
10. The Unicorns
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Introducing myself

The Profile

Name: Timoni
Location: Metro DC
Email address:

10 Favorite bands [applicable this minute only]:
01. Ratatat and the Heptones.
02. Death From Above 1979.
03. Geez, this is harder than I thought. Daft Punk. Or wait! The Go! Team?
04. The Buzzcocks.
05. Tiger Army...maybe?
06. Led Zeppelin (yes, less than Tiger Army, at least right now).
07. Um. The Shins. (Who I hated, then liked, then "Garden State" tried to make me hate them again but I won't.)
08. The Clash. No, they definitely go in front of Tiger Army. I'm just doing this as I think of them.
09. The Avalanches. This seriously needs to be by genre. Best remixers = the Avalanches.
10. Astrud Gilberto - does that count as a band?

Bands/Genres You Hate:

I tend to hate bands with singers that sound exceptionally whiny, but then I love the Smashing Pumpkins, so who knows? I hate Blood Brothers but like Neon Blonde. But I for sure hate all of those bands where the lead singer sounds like that guy from Pearl Jam. You'd think they'd be ashamed.

Top 10 CDs You Would Like To Own:
01. The new Edan.
02. All of the Led Zeppelin albums I don't already own.
03. Lots more early rap. Like more Public Enemy.
04. The ABBA collection.
05. This one "Best of Two-Tone" collection I had once briefly and then lost. Damn!
06. That Broken Social Scene B-sides or whatever it was.
07. I realize that I never actually purchased Kid A.
08. That whole Trojan Reggae series actually.
09. Nor did I ever actually buy Pinkerton.
10. Spawn of Skameggedon. I had a tape of it in high school that I wore out and I loooooooooooooved it.

Tell us something about you.

I love music. Especially music I haven't heard before and I'm in your car and I'm like, "Man, what the heck is this it's BRILLIANT!" and then you make me a huge mix CD in celebration. O yeah.
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okay. so, the mod posts first.

Email address:

10 Favorite bands:
1. Nirvana
2. pink floyd
3. smashing Pumpkins
4. Guano apes
5. Kidney thieves
6. Deftones
7. The black Keys
8. Led Zepplin
9. oleander
10. Screaming trees

I also have a blues fetish. i'm not sure why.

bands/Genres you hate: American hiFi, 311, blink 182, My chemical romance, the Rasmus, and such. I don't like mainstream. That's the jist of it i guess. it feels entirely too processed. oh, and I despise rap but classic country is okay.

10 cds you would like to own
1. Troublegum by troublegum
2. Superunknown by soundgarden
3. Repeater by Fugazi
4. Placebo by Placebo
5. Music to make Love to Your old lady by By Lovage
6. Good God's Urge by Porno for pyros
7. Beautiful Freak by The Eels
8. Loveless by my Bloody Valentine
9. The constant lover by Magneta Lane
10. Let go by Nada Surf

Tell us something about you.

I'm a theatre geek...but i don't do that whole on stage scene. It's just tech work for me and i wouldn't have it any other way. It doesn't pay much...but I get by.