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Music 101

Everything Music

Everything Music
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Request, post, or read!
This community is dedicated to music, and anything related to music.
We will always have the latest news, pictures and even some MP3's!
Fuck searching the web for music news, we have it all here!

#1. Don't mess with the mods, we have the power.
#2. Don't offend anyone by dissing their music taste/intrest.
#3. If you have a larger post, please put it under a cut. The mods will tell you if its too big so don't worry.
#4. No posting about Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne, it's an automatic ban.
#5. This is not an MP3 request community, their are MP3's posted, but requests are not open.
#6. No promoting whatsoever, I will only report it and their are promoting communities for that anyways.

Opening Date: March 15, 2005
Moderators AIM: LetYourHeadGo29 GumpMaster5683
Moderators Journals: letyourheadgo29 / insomniacnimrod
: IfThatWereMe001@yahoo.com / Phillip9904@msn.com

Content: letyourheadgo29 / insomniacnimrod
Entire Layout: letyourheadgo29
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Userinfo: letyourheadgo29