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Mis-teeq member goes solo...

According to Popjustice...

Thursday, September 15

Putting the X in Dixon

This is Alesha Dixon out of M-with-the-I-with-the-ST-double-EQ.

As we said a few months ago, she's signed to Polydor as a 'solo artiste' and will be sticking her head above the pop parapet next year. This was brilliant news in itself because Alesha was always A Good Thing.

And now - now! - it turns out she's working with Richard X.

As you'll no doubt be aware we're not all together keen on hyperbole here at Popjustice, and it would certainly never be the case that we would get a little bit over-excited about something that three months later turns out only to be a little bit good.

But let us just state for the record that this could be the greatest musical effort the world has ever heard.

Yes - it might even be better than the Razorlight album.



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