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About you-
Name: Gretchen Sackman
Location: Oswego, New York
2 pictures:
Why did you want to join this community?: Cuz i really like music and Kailyn said i should   ; )
What is your favorite style of music?: i like punk/rock/"emo" stuff....pretty much anything like that
Who is your favorite member and why?(refer to the stamped members link at the bottom of the userinfo.): my favorite member is illbefamous____ (Kailyn) cuz she's awesome and told me about the community  : P

Favorites (3 each)-
Favorite Bands:
-The Used
-My Chemical Romace
-Taking Back Sunday
3 favorite song lines:
-Cut Up Angels
-I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
-Cute without the 'E'
Least favorite bands:
-Good Charlotte
-Linkin Park
-Backstreet Boys  : P

This or that-
Emo music or pop?: Emo
American Eagle or Hot Topic?: Hot Topic
Marilyn Manson or Dave Matthews Band?: Marilyn Manson
Bitchy but cute, or ugly but nice?:ooh..idk..tough one
Girls or Guys? (to date):GUYS!!
Skinny or muscular?:skinny (kinda dead looking ...ex. Gerard Way from MCR)
Skateboard or Convertable?:Skateboard

Promote us in 2 places and give us the links:  mod said i only had to do one.  : D


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