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Come here to talk about your music obsession.

Love Music
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Im a HUGE fan of Music. Some of my favorite bands are Lynard Skynard, Tool, TBS, Story Of The Year, Led Zepplin, Ozzy, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Disturbed, Hoobastank *&* ALOT more.

This community is for people who are obsessed with music. So come join us, and talk about ur favorite bands, songs, or w/e it is that deals with Music. After you've joined and posted the form below, feel free to post ur favorite songs, lyrics, or anything music related, in the community. And Thanks to b0red0m for makin the icon <3

This isnt really an Application, but just somethin to let us know a little about you. And PLEASE either bold your answers, or make them a diff color[s]. ALSO.. PUT THE FORM UNDER AN LJ-CUT. Name the lj-cut "Music Is My Love". THANKS <33

}Favorite Bands::
}Been to any concerts? If so tell us which ones?::
}Obsessed with music?::


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If you're a member, use this code for the promotion banner. Just take out the *'s before using the code. <3