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cds, mixtapes, cassettes, vinyl.
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Hello, and welcome to _music_exchange.

This is a place to exchange music for money and/or other music. I created it because I am one of those unfortunate souls with a shitty dial- up connection and virus-concious parents. I can't download and don't have a lot of money, but like most of us there are plenty cds I want. There are several ways to exchange in this community.


1) You can make a request of a CD you want. If someone else has it and they're willing to burn it for you, you can either send them another cd they want back in exchange or send them a few bucks for the cd and shipping.

2) If you're looking to make some quick cash list the cds you have to offer and can burn. Be creative! Draw some nice cover art and make it appealing.

3) If you want to just hear some new bands you've never listened to before, list the genre you'd like to hear more of. Then list the genres you have to offer. Maybe someone would like to exchange?

4) Any old vinyls, cds, cassettes you have and flat out don't want anymore (this means you must have the booklet and case and a good, not scratched up cd)? List them and maybe someone will want to purchase.

5) Any one song you're looking for and can't find? Name it. Maybe someone has the file online and can send it to you. If you have any rare songs, list them, too.

6) Want to promote your band and/or your local bands? Say the name, give us a link to their site, what they sound like and how much for the cd. Ship it out!


1) If someone's being stupid- give them shit. It's not drama, it's putting a moron in their place.

2) I don't care if you whore your community so long as it's music related. If it's not, but you think it would be benefical to the members of this communtiy then ask one of the mods first.

3) More than one picture under a cut (Hey- maybe you want to show us the cover of your mix-tape or cd? You never know..

4) Be kind to everyone's tastes. To each his own.

5) If someone sends you a mix and it's great and they have great taste and flow (..?) leave a post and let them know. If they sent you a piece of junk that's all scratched up let us know, too. We want to know who to trust.


butofcourse & reasons_to_sing