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The Temple of the Muffin

Will you enter into... the realm of the muffin?

Thunderchan T. LaMuffin
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to MUFFINMAN! The community for people who love, worship, are married to, have relations with (o.O), or just NEED muffins! Here, we love muffins. They are our life, our soul, our beginning and end. Muffins are our everything. be one with the muffins. Feel the muffins.

Our community motto: "I like muffins. Muffins make life good."

Our community pledge: "I pledge to devote my life, my whole life, whether it be long or short, to muffins."

Our community sanity: "Non-existant."

In this community we love muffins and talk about them a lot. We also love anime and talk about that a lot. We ESPECIALLY love the incredibly sexy Billy Martin and devote ourselves to him as thought he were a muffin. Basically folks, anything goes!

That is all. Live long and eat muffins!

Please, no advertising for other communities. It's just common courtesy.

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