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_movies_'s Journal

All About Movies
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_movies_ is where you can talk about all the movies you've seen, or heard of. Suggest, Critisize, Describe ect. any movie!
I do ask one favor though: If you are going to promote a community, please be an active member.
Please try and promote _movies_ (If you're going to promote in other communities, please ask if it's alright, so we don't piss people off. :D)


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28 days later, a beautiful mind, a bronx tale, a cinderella story, a clockwork orange, ace ventura, alien vs predator, american pie, american wedding, anaconda, bend it like beckham, big fish, billy madison, breakfast at tiffanys, bring it on, bringing down the house, brother bear, bruce all mighty, butterfly effect, cabin fever, cast away, charlies angles, cheaper by the dozen, chicago, cold creek manor, cold mountain, dawn of the dead, dead alive, dead poets society, detroit rock city, dodgeball, domestic disturbance, donnie darko, dracula, drumline, duets, dumb and dumber, empire records, eurotrip, exorcist, fahrenheit 9/11, fight club, fog, forest gump, full ride, garfield, gladiator, godsend, gothika, grease, happy gilmore, harry potter, high fidelity, holes, home room, honey, i am sam, indiana jones, jersey girl, jurassic park, kill bill, king arthur, labyrinth, lethal weapon, lord of the rings, mallrats, master and commander, me myself and irene, mean girls, mona lisa smile, moulin rouge, movie, movie reviews, movies, mr. deeds, my boss's daughter, napolean dynamite, new york minute, office space, old school, one hour photo, pearl harbor, pieces of april, radio, remember the titans, resident evil, roman holiday, sabrina, salem's lot, sandlot, saved!, saving silverman, scent of a woman, school of rock, shrek, solaris, somethings gotta give, star wars, starship troopers, starsky and hutch, steal magnolias, swingers, sword fish, taking lives, texas chainsaw massacre, the alamo, the butterfly effect, the day after tommorrow, the emperor's new grove, the girl next door, the godfather, the goonies, the green mile, the grinch, the hot chick, the insider, the italian job, the majestic, the mask, the matrix, the notebook, the passion of christ, the perfect storm, the princess bride, the punisher, the ringer, the rock, the saint, the secret window, the stepford wives, the truman show, the village, the water boy, the whole 10 yards, the whole 9 yards, theres something about mary, they, thinner, thirteen, to sir with love, tommy boy, trainspotting, troy, van helsing, varsity blues, you got served, zoolander


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