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_moviereview's Journal

Movie Review Online Magazine
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All Members , Moderated

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Hi and welcome to _moviereview:
The Movie Review Online Magazine.
Inside you'll find intelligent and informative
reviews on all kinds of movies, written by our
very own members. Reviews and opinions are shared
and collected within the Livejournal community.
Feel free to join and contribute your own writings,
or watch the community for updates and information.
And please spread the word, so it can become successful
and widely read with regular updates. Thanks!

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Simple Rules:
01. Post behind a cut.
02. Say whether there are spoilers and
if they are minor or major.
03. Only review one movie per post.
04. Only well thought out reviews please.
Unintelligible, squeeing, excessive online lingo,
or just a few plain sentences and the post will be
deleted. After 3 deleted posts, you will be banned
from the community.
05. Try and contribute to the goal of the
community serving as a resource for movie reviews
other than the acclaimed critics.
06. Discussion in comments is encouraged.
07. More than one review of a movie is welcome.
08. Rating the review is also welcome.
09. ENJOY!