Air (_airbear_) wrote in _moviereview,

I hardly have time for full blown reviews but here's my ranking of movies I've seen so far this year:

The Departed - A
Casino Royale - A
Little Miss Sunshine - A-
Borat - A-
Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC - A-
She's the Man - A-
The Queen - B+
Superman Returns - B+
Marie Antoinette - B
Babel - B
Mision Impossible III - B
The Devil Wears Prada - B
The Da Vinci Code - B
An Inconvenient Truth - B
The Lake House - B
John Tucker Must Die - B
X-Men: The Last Stand - B-
Running With Scissors - B-
Step Up - C+
The Illusionist - C+
Aquamarine - C
Lady in the Water - C-
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