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Moving Truck Comparison Shopping

I'm moving in September (that is if I can find a place to move TO *shudder*) and I'm looking at moving trucks. I have the option of either going with U-Haul or Budget Truck. Does anyone have any experience with either of the two? I need to call them and get a more exact estimate, but they're closed now, so I thought I'd see if anyone out there had anything to say. The quote I got for U-Haul is $110. Does anyone have any tips for getting discounts? I know that Budget Truck has a discount, but the website keeps giving me an error...

Moving Stats:
(Would need a one-way moving truck, not an in-town one)
Moving about 70 miles
Moving probably on a weekday
I have a studio apartment and could probably fit all my stuff in the smallest truck.
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Hi I'm new


I'm new to this site and this community. I'm also new to New Zealand. We just moved here about a month ago. We are in Napier witch is in Hawkes Bay. I was wondering if someboby could give me some info about the area.

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stupid workweeks

Oh, man. I'm usually super-anal about these things, but I just realized August 1 is a Monday. For some reason I thought it was a Sunday. I KNOW July has 30 days, but I must've looked at the calendar too quickly or something. I'm hoping our new landlord will let us move a day early, as we'd have like 12 people to help us on a weekend, and no one on a weekday. And it would suck to lose a week, too. I know this isn't unheard of and depends on things like the current tenants, but what do you think my chances are?
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(no subject)

Just a quick question that I need some help with..
I've moved around alot, but mainly when I was little, so i'm not so affected. I joined moved_ last year some time when i found out i was moving to new zealand, and I was angry about it aswell as upset. Since then I told myself to grow up and stop acting on the spoilt bratty role and realised its alot to look foward to, but now I'm two weeks away,, and I feel so sick at the thought of leaving what I'm so familiar to, and my friends, and my family and so much that I love. I just want to appriciate it more, but I can't anymore.
So, my question: How did all you guys cope with this?

Thanks xxx

...and by the way I know I haven't had to do this hardly as much as most of you, and experiencing it only once, I think you are all so brave xxx

dont feel alone

well i was born in a wonderful country named whole life was there and i loved being there but wheni turned 12 the worst mistake that my mom made was move to Texas and let me tell you i was very pissed at her.but the longest time i didnt even talk to her.but then when i turned 14 we moved to South Carloina and that was a bigget mistake people picked on me because i didnt know english all that good and just the i look and acted.but when after that place when i was 15 we moved to New York and this is were i am and let me tell you people MOVE MOVE while you can because the United States is a hell hole.europe is so nice and purdy and very awesome and there are actually things to do.well then other sittting at home on the computer.but i think that my mom is thinking about moving back to germany and let me tell you i would be so happy.and oh im goin to germany for 2 months and im taking what little friends that i have too.
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(no subject)

I`m really glad to find this community `cause I`ve been suffering for..omg..6 yrs already since I moved...
I`m 19, living in Moscow now..
Almost exactly 6 yrs ago (May, the 19th) I came back from Namibia (South West Africa) after having lived there for 7 years. My whole childhood, all the places I loved, the people I loved, my friends and those dear to me were taken away in one 20-hour flight..
I cannot think of all those places and ppl without`s so unbearable..
Two summers ago I went back.. to find everyone completely different people, as I expected
but those memories still hold me..tight..
I have a strong love for Africa and from the psycological point of view it most probably can be easily explained..but I just can`t let go of my`s easier now that I`ve seen it once more..It`s like a drug..I have to take it once in a while to let me live..