September 21st, 2005

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So...I'm new in this community.

I probably won't be in it too long.

But...Ok. I move a lot. &2years ago I moved from Indiana to Argentina.

Because my dad's from here.

Anyways. I went back to Indiana to visit a month ago. I was there for 3months.

I got a boyfriend. &well we made a lot of plans &made promises.

You guys don't really need to know this but...we lost our virginity to eachother.

&I found out a couple of days ago that he had gotten high &madeout with one of his ex-girlfriends.

&then with another girl 2nights ago while he was drunk.

I swear I said that he was fucking stupid about 2043854356times. Anyways.

I don't need him. He was the worst boyfriend I've ever had.

&I kind of sort of like someone.

Well. That's all.

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