August 1st, 2005

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Moving Truck Comparison Shopping

I'm moving in September (that is if I can find a place to move TO *shudder*) and I'm looking at moving trucks. I have the option of either going with U-Haul or Budget Truck. Does anyone have any experience with either of the two? I need to call them and get a more exact estimate, but they're closed now, so I thought I'd see if anyone out there had anything to say. The quote I got for U-Haul is $110. Does anyone have any tips for getting discounts? I know that Budget Truck has a discount, but the website keeps giving me an error...

Moving Stats:
(Would need a one-way moving truck, not an in-town one)
Moving about 70 miles
Moving probably on a weekday
I have a studio apartment and could probably fit all my stuff in the smallest truck.