June 20th, 2005

  • mukalu

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Just a quick question that I need some help with..
I've moved around alot, but mainly when I was little, so i'm not so affected. I joined moved_ last year some time when i found out i was moving to new zealand, and I was angry about it aswell as upset. Since then I told myself to grow up and stop acting on the spoilt bratty role and realised its alot to look foward to, but now I'm two weeks away,, and I feel so sick at the thought of leaving what I'm so familiar to, and my friends, and my family and so much that I love. I just want to appriciate it more, but I can't anymore.
So, my question: How did all you guys cope with this?

Thanks xxx

...and by the way I know I haven't had to do this hardly as much as most of you, and experiencing it only once, I think you are all so brave xxx