May 15th, 2005

I'm your dog

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I`m really glad to find this community `cause I`ve been suffering for..omg..6 yrs already since I moved...
I`m 19, living in Moscow now..
Almost exactly 6 yrs ago (May, the 19th) I came back from Namibia (South West Africa) after having lived there for 7 years. My whole childhood, all the places I loved, the people I loved, my friends and those dear to me were taken away in one 20-hour flight..
I cannot think of all those places and ppl without`s so unbearable..
Two summers ago I went back.. to find everyone completely different people, as I expected
but those memories still hold me..tight..
I have a strong love for Africa and from the psycological point of view it most probably can be easily explained..but I just can`t let go of my`s easier now that I`ve seen it once more..It`s like a drug..I have to take it once in a while to let me live..