March 31st, 2005

New member

I've lived in England for over a year and a half, but recently moved to London from Canterbury. I am an American and chose to stay here to do my PhD in International Relations after I finished my MA in the same subject at Cantab. I met a guy there, as you do, and since he's British, part of my reason for deciding to stay on here was to be able to be with him. This is particularly true because it would've been ever harder for him to move to AMerica. London being the anonymous city it is, I'm having a hard time making friends. I know this move was my own choice and I don't regret being able to be with my sig. other every day, I'm worried about becoming too dependent on him for a social life. I've adopted his friends as my own but I prefer to make my own friends. I plan on getting a job this summer to deal with my (not so cute) shopping habit, which will hopefully help, and I take yoga and pilates 3 times a week. Have yet to make friends in those classes, but maybe it'll happen. The thing that bothers me most I suppose is that I'm not a wall flower. I don't usually have any problems introducing myself to random people and I've been generally lucky to make good friends. Myabe once it gets warm here and stops raining, Londoners will be happier to meet an American who feels less affinity with her own country as each new Republican measure to control the world comes into effect. Thanks for creating this venting forum.