February 24th, 2005


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Hi everyone,

I"m glad to come across this community and find like minded people who arre in the same situation in life as myself.
I'm a Singaporean who moved to US becoz of my marriage to an American . Although, I love living in the States, I miss my family and my friends so much. I've always thought that I have a very adaptable and "cosmopolitan" mindset but the reality of being away from my roots and Home didnt prepare me for what overseas living truly has to offer.

I'm back in Singapore right now, for a 3 weeks holiday. I'm glad to say that being away has added so much kinship and value to my relationships with my family members and my friends. I used to think that Distance is a curse in my family ( since my brother also moved Down South) but it's going being away that had made me realised that it's actually a blessing in disguise for us.

I would love to meet anyone who had to move away from their Homes permanently and understands what I mean when I say, "Absences does make the heart grow fonder".
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