February 5th, 2005

unexpected moving...

a lot of the posts i read are of those ppl who've just moved recently.

i moved to Krachi, Pakistan in December 1997... but i still hate it as to why. I was born in London in 88 but moved to Kenya (luv it) in 89 and lived there peacefully till 97. My family went thru a crisis and my dad sent the family to KArachi in the winter vacations... and after a month i was told we're not going.

the pain. that hurt so much. i couldnt speak the language even though i was Pakistani and hated the food. he school was smaller than my other school (Nairobi Academy) sports complex. the uniform ugly. the girls so mean. the weather unbearably hot and frequent blackouts.

thankfully my mom changed my school to one of the best in the country and i settled in comforably. its just that i dont trust the ppl here. they stab at your back whenever they get the chance.

in 1 1/2 years ill be applying for university. even though its been 6 long years in this city... im dying to go abroad. my bro's are in the UK but since i want solitude im going for canada. so far away and so silent. my thing.

wish me luck!

Ayesha Khan
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