January 14th, 2005

new member

omg im so glad i found this community. ok idk if many of u are interestd but here it goes. i'm originakky from argentina but my dad is a diplomat so that has a great effect on my life. i was born in switzerland and i lived tehre to years and then moved to argeinta. i lived tehre until i was 5 and then moved to virginia in the US. i amde a lot of friends tehre but i was rly young, theni moved to uruguaya nd lived tehre for 3 years and made friends there. after that, once again, i moved to argentina and established rly close friendships. my best friends still live tehre but after4 years i had to move to new york bc my daddy was offered a job in teh United nations. i love new york. its the best city of teh world but that doesnt mean that i'll forget about argentina bc its my native land and i have family tehre and my best friends tehre. i always get depressed here thinklin of what would my life had been like if i had stayed in buenos aires. believeme i had a lot of plans in argentina. and me moving here took me by suprise. idk. i jus wanted to share my life with u guys. ok bubyee!