January 4th, 2005

  • ephner

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last september, i had to move within a month from cairo, egypt to casablanca, morocco. we packed all our stuff and got out so my dad could get a job here. it was a tough transition. egypt was my home for 9 years. we moved there when i was seven from milwaukee where i was born. it was a shock to leave, and i'm still getting used to it- but there's a lot of frienly people in morocco, so that made the move A LOT easier. i guess the hardest part about leaving is that i didn't get to say goodbye to my Egyptian friends, they were all on vacation in the summer when we got word to leave, so i had to just e-mail everyone goodbye... tellin them i wouldn't be graduating with them as planned... it was real tough..
but here i am and God helped me through. i knew he had a plan in all of that, and He's blessed us a whole lot here.
i'm thankful.