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I keep moving

1987: Born in Winter Haven, Florida
1988-1991: Moved to San Antonio, Texas
1991-2000: Moved to Crystal River, Florida
2000-2001: Moved to Staten Island, New York
2001-2006: Moved to Lindenwold, New Jersey
Summer of '06: Helped my parents move back to San Antonio
A few days after that: Moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We moved around the U.S a lot because of my dad's job. We went to New York, so he could find a place for residency (he's a doctor). He got accepted in Philadelphia, so we settled in South Jersey until he finished.
He went back to the Air Force and is now doing Pathology over there in Texas for the next 3 or 4 years.

I'm here in Dominican Republic to attend medical school. I'm living at my grandmother's house and almost all of my family. I'm not surrounded by people I don't know, but we have so little in common, they might as well be strangers to me.

My schooling hasn't started yet.

I didn't do well in High school at all, so my gpa is pretty low, but I heard that didn't matter if I went to school here. I went to the university that's offering medical school in English and they gave me the bad news while I was trying to register.
I heard there was another school offering medical school in English, but they need 5 students to open up the class and right now there's only 3, including myself. Hopefully the other two will pop up and I can begin in January.
If not, I can go to the school I was intending on and take classes in psychology (something I might pursue after I finish school) until my gpa is up to where it needs to be. In both cases, my classes won't start until January.
Meanwhile, I have to take an intensive course in Spanish to learn to read and write well. And speak, becuase I'm still too shy to practice with anyone.

I have a boyfriend I fell in love with a year ago. He's in medical school over in India. We've been doing good. No break ups in sight as he's been proving to me time and time again that he's just as serious about our relationship as I am.
I was hoping to go over there and visit him this winter, but school might get in the way of that...as well as finances- I still haven't found a job.
I should be able to see him this spring and that excites me for a million reasons =)

That's it. Sorry for the length.

Good day to you.

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