Judith Harrison (judithh1) wrote in _moved_,
Judith Harrison

So How Long...?

Hello everyone!! I've just joined here, been reading you for a few days and it looks like a great community to support each other through the horrible times of change!

Bit of background info: I was born in England, and my family moved when I was 2 to New Zealand. 15 years later, I decided to cash in that British Passport and come back on my own, I've been living here since.

I still miss NZ, sometimes daily. I miss my Mom and Dad, and I miss the food and the weather, and I still think some things in England are sosososo wrong. Including the food: did you know they routinely eat OFFAL over here? URrrrrk.

Anyway, here's the good news:
It only took about 4 years to settle in. Which is to say, I don't get those horrible, bluesy days of "I want to go home" so much anymore. But I still don't like the weather

Things I noticed:
It took about 18 months to stop beginning every sentence with "In New Zealand, they have...."
When I first came over, I thought I saw a lot of people walking around that weren't who I thought they were. (example: I'm SURE I saw my big brother wandering around Newcastle in the first month. But I know for a fact he was in Auckland at the time)
The food doesn't get any better, but I get lower standards
I'm almost British now, I make tea in a crisis and everything.

The best (moving) advice I was ever given:
"Get hard or come home. And since I know you're not going to come home yet... HARDEN UP!!" (Thanx Tony)

Yeah, sorry about the length, I talk too much. (Or as I like to say, people just get tired of listening). I'm pleased to meet you all though!!

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