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Any idea's?

We have to move four people + our stuff from PDX to STL
Uhauls only have three seatbelts.
Two of us are small children.
Rental SUV's don't let people tow ANYTHING!
Cargo vans are not allowed for one way trips.
I would like to bring more than a mini van would carry.
I would like to tow a u-haul trailor.
I don't want to separate my family and have half of us fly or take a train.
I guess the only other option is to buy my own stupid SUV and tow a rented trailor.
I don't want to, and I don't even know if I have the means to.

I am not the first person to want to do this! gah.
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I keep moving

1987: Born in Winter Haven, Florida
1988-1991: Moved to San Antonio, Texas
1991-2000: Moved to Crystal River, Florida
2000-2001: Moved to Staten Island, New York
2001-2006: Moved to Lindenwold, New Jersey
Summer of '06: Helped my parents move back to San Antonio
A few days after that: Moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We moved around the U.S a lot because of my dad's job. We went to New York, so he could find a place for residency (he's a doctor). He got accepted in Philadelphia, so we settled in South Jersey until he finished.
He went back to the Air Force and is now doing Pathology over there in Texas for the next 3 or 4 years.

I'm here in Dominican Republic to attend medical school. I'm living at my grandmother's house and almost all of my family. I'm not surrounded by people I don't know, but we have so little in common, they might as well be strangers to me.

My schooling hasn't started yet.
Here's whyCollapse )

I have a boyfriend I fell in love with a year ago. He's in medical school over in India. We've been doing good. No break ups in sight as he's been proving to me time and time again that he's just as serious about our relationship as I am.
I was hoping to go over there and visit him this winter, but school might get in the way of that...as well as finances- I still haven't found a job.
I should be able to see him this spring and that excites me for a million reasons =)

That's it. Sorry for the length.

Good day to you.
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I moved to Sweden

Hello all, I'm italian, I lived in Sardinia for my first 22 years, then I moved to London (and I like it!!) but few months ago I moved to Sweden, Gothenburg, to live with my bf.
It's not that I don't like sweden, but I'm really not at home... and I don't know anyone here, just few friends that I don't see much.
Plus I don't speak swedish and even if most of the people here speak english, it's not easy to meet new people. I study online so I keep myself busy but .... it sucks!!
Is anyone here around who is from Sweden? Or even better Gothenburg? or moved there?
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So How Long...?

Hello everyone!! I've just joined here, been reading you for a few days and it looks like a great community to support each other through the horrible times of change!

Bit of background info: I was born in England, and my family moved when I was 2 to New Zealand. 15 years later, I decided to cash in that British Passport and come back on my own, I've been living here since.

I still miss NZ, sometimes daily. I miss my Mom and Dad, and I miss the food and the weather, and I still think some things in England are sosososo wrong. Including the food: did you know they routinely eat OFFAL over here? URrrrrk.

Anyway, here's the good news:
It only took about 4 years to settle in. Which is to say, I don't get those horrible, bluesy days of "I want to go home" so much anymore. But I still don't like the weather

Things I noticed:
It took about 18 months to stop beginning every sentence with "In New Zealand, they have...."
When I first came over, I thought I saw a lot of people walking around that weren't who I thought they were. (example: I'm SURE I saw my big brother wandering around Newcastle in the first month. But I know for a fact he was in Auckland at the time)
The food doesn't get any better, but I get lower standards
I'm almost British now, I make tea in a crisis and everything.

The best (moving) advice I was ever given:
"Get hard or come home. And since I know you're not going to come home yet... HARDEN UP!!" (Thanx Tony)

Yeah, sorry about the length, I talk too much. (Or as I like to say, people just get tired of listening). I'm pleased to meet you all though!!
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(no subject)

people of Africa i salute you!

i collect postcards sent from all over the world
and i still don't have a postcard from your continent
i appreciate if someone can send me one

in case you can help me i post my mailing address
Pavel Tsapyuk
"Telecom-Expert" company
office 903, building 18
Yunnatov street
Moscow, Russia 127083

have a great time, brothers and sisters!

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So...I'm new in this community.

I probably won't be in it too long.

But...Ok. I move a lot. &2years ago I moved from Indiana to Argentina.

Because my dad's from here.

Anyways. I went back to Indiana to visit a month ago. I was there for 3months.

I got a boyfriend. &well we made a lot of plans &made promises.

You guys don't really need to know this but...we lost our virginity to eachother.

&I found out a couple of days ago that he had gotten high &madeout with one of his ex-girlfriends.

&then with another girl 2nights ago while he was drunk.

I swear I said that he was fucking stupid about 2043854356times. Anyways.

I don't need him. He was the worst boyfriend I've ever had.

&I kind of sort of like someone.

Well. That's all.

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hi i moved to england in april and now we have to decide whether we go back or stay. i miss australia so much cos its my home and i had never even moved house let alone country before this but i dont know wwhat i want anymore. each day i change my mind and i've tried making lists but none of it works. ive got 2 years of school left and have to do them in one country so its not like i could stay another year and then go back. have any of you been in this position or do you have any ideas on how to decide, i feel so lost right now...


i just moved from new jersey- where i have lived my WHOLE life- and moved to florida- i hate it here i moved after my freshman year and i HAD to leave all my friends and i had to start school where i didnt know anybody. i no that i didnt leave the country - like some others- but it is like the same experience- kinda- i hate it here! i just needed to let this out
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College move

So how many of you guys have ever had to make a college move by yourself? My family's gone on to kiev while i'm stuck here in the states making the move to college basically by myself with no friends to help me as well. Right now I'm sitting at my computer (which was one of the first things to get set) feeling a profound sence of loneliness and well depression. My families gone, i'm at a school I don't particularly like being at, and right now... i'm sitting alone in my dorm room with piles of stuff left unpacked that need to be unpacked. GAHHHHHHHHHH

I just need to vent...

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hey everyone.. this isnt so much a "i had to move" as it is a "i HAVE to move".

i have one more year of undergrad, and then i am moving the hell out of virginia! i have lived in this state my whole life and i definitely need a change. i want to experience the city life.. and im talking a REAL city (virginia beach doesnt count). so, i am planning to move to new york.

i just created a community specifically for people who want to move to new york: newyorkmove feel free to join if you share the same goal. :)