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The curse of the Dark Mark [entries|friends|calendar]
Morsmordre, the curse of the Dark Mark (MWPP rpg)

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IT'S ALIVE!!! kind of... [02 Oct 2005|10:19pm]

Okay, first of all, HELLO EVERYONE!!! I haven't been around lately... and actually it seems no one really has =/ I've been a sucky mod and all that, but I've seriously been very busy. This is my senior year, actually I finish school in about a month, so you can figure all the things I have to do, prepare for the test we have to take to get into university etc (here it's called PSU).

But still, I'd really really really like to revive this RP.... I liked it a lot, and it's a fun distraction from, well, a busy life. The thing is, obviously, I can't just sit here and RP with myself... So I want to know if anyone else here is interested on bringing this thing back to life.

Please, if you're still interested in this RP, comment! If I get a good number of comments, we'll start RPing again and it'll be fun :D If not, I guess I'll just shut the comm down, which would be a shame =/

So, that's it. If you're seriously interested, comment. If you're not sure, don't comment. I just want to count of people who's 100% willing to keep on RPing.

Thankies, and buh bye!! <3
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[01 Aug 2005|09:49am]

Hate to tell everyone this, but I gots some bad news. well.....bad for me, not bad for you, but anyway. Starting in the 9th I will be starting band camp (no I don't play anything, I'm a flag twirler) and there for will be spending less time on the computer. I will try my best to keep up, but please keep the rpg running!

As always with love

~MOD Ama~
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Absence Notice [30 Jul 2005|12:54pm]

I'm going to be away from the internet from now until next Friday night. Have a good week =D
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[24 Jul 2005|12:49pm]

In Chicago from July 25-August 1. I will have internet connections but I wont be on as much.
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OOC [24 Jul 2005|01:37am]

I didn't have an AIM name for Voldemort when I first made the journal, but if you could add "I am a big snake" to your contacts list, I'm avaliable to RP in chats now, too =)
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[23 Jul 2005|01:44pm]

Sorry about last night. My internet cut out, which is why James wasn't able to reply until this morning.
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[23 Jul 2005|01:58am]

howllet... I think you're posting in the wrong journal. This is the community journal for introductions and all kind of OOC stuff, but if you wan't to RP you must do it in the RP journal morsmordrerpg, and if you want to update in your character's journal, you have to do it in your character's livejournal, not in the community...

just trying to help :)

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I am going to do it [23 Jul 2005|02:35am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I ahve decided today i'm going to try and make friends i hope this works

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I forgot [23 Jul 2005|12:22am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

My names Kiara Logaan Howllet, an oc character.
I'm also a werewolf, my mom got killed in the atack and i live with my dad in the contry. We're not very rich but we get by. I'm starting my frist year at hogwarts this year, i'm 7th year Griffindore and proud of it!

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griffindor [23 Jul 2005|12:12am]

[ mood | crushed ]

I got sorted into griffindore. Dad was so pleased!!!
I kind of saw this boy, brown hair a little thin, he was cute.
he was with his three friends, they were just messing around. I stoped and wondered if I'll meet friends like that, or they would be my friends. I wanted to go neared then I reminded myself that they would whant nothing to do with a werewolf like me.

Kiara Logan Howllet

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[21 Jul 2005|03:25pm]

Hey everyone, it's me, bruisedxbr0ken, and I've taken over Snape! Mwhahaha!

So yes, I'll be playing Snape from now on =)
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[21 Jul 2005|01:32pm]

Hello all! This is Kaiya again... Or in other words, the person who's playing Lily Evans. And now... I'm going to be playing Professor McGonagall as well. ^_^ Will start posting as soon as I can get icons for her... Swoosh!
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[21 Jul 2005|12:22pm]

Hello everyone, one of your friendly MOD's here. (yes I'm to lazy to sign in on my other name) I just had a thought and figured it to be a really good idea. I've decided to hold a contest, to see who can make the best, most creative icon for this Community. You may post your icon in a reply to this thred! Great idea hmm? And there will be prizes! (true I haven't figured out what they will be yet, but....I will give out prizes)

So Have fun, and start creating!
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[20 Jul 2005|04:33pm]

I'm pleased to say that this rp is off to a great start. (It has gotten a lot bigger then I first thought it would) On this happy thought I'd like to welcome everyone to this rpg once again. Just being the friendly MOD that I am. (Yes, The other day I woke to 75 emails, 70 were from this rpg)

Just as a little note, We are still looking for a Peter. and if you know of anyone who wishes to play Snape, I will gladly give him over.
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OOC Intro! [20 Jul 2005|05:33am]

Hey! I'm Casey, and I'll be playing Lord Voldemort in the RP. Glad to be aboard. ^_^
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[19 Jul 2005|12:33pm]

Hey, for a quick introduction! My name's Nicole and I'll be playing James (perfectlypotter) and Augustus Rookwood (the_rooks_move). Hopefully I'll be able to start today, right now I'm just trying to make icons and such. XD
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[19 Jul 2005|07:31am]

I'm pleased to say the first day of the rpg's opening has been great! (Yes, I work up this morning to 75 emails) Keep up the good work guys and gals!
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[19 Jul 2005|12:47am]

Actually... I have a quick question. Are James and Lily going to have their own rooms in a different tower? Or will she still be dorming with the other girls? (Just curious.) That and I forget if it has ever been mentioned in the books, am quite lazy to go look it up myself.
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[18 Jul 2005|02:13pm]

Due to resent events (my finishing of the 6th book) I feel it will increaseingly hard to play Severus Snape in an RPG. It is taking a lot out of my to play Dumbledore, but thankfully he is not a constant everyday poster. I will however, try with all my might to play Snape as best I can, for the sake of this RPG.

But please note that I do not DO NOT agree with his actions, words, or views of the Wizarding world.

Also please note that we have, as I had said before, Started the rpg today, Monday the 18th of July. Please try to keep up.

Also I'm still looking for a James and Peter, since my James person has not gotten back to me.
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[17 Jul 2005|09:43pm]

Hey, everyone, I wanted to ask you all a favor... see, one of your dear moderators *coughcough*me*coughcough* live in dumb countries and have to wait till effing DECEMBER to read Book 6... so please please please please DON'T POST ANY SPOILERS, UNLESS THEY'RE BEHIND A LJ-CUT. Please. Please please PLEASEEEEEEE I have no problem with you kids tlaking about the book here as long as I don't read it right when I visit the community

PLEASE!! :'(

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