slappythefrog (slappythefrog) wrote in _morning_belle_,

= $300 and both are yours, with cables. (Dean Evo Electric Guitar, les paul style humbuckers (thanks jake! now I know!!), Rosewood Fingerboard, Mahogany Body & Neck. I bought for $550 new on christmas sale, List: $689.99, amp was $70, cords about $10. used, but in great condition.)

= $350 with camera, camera strap, usb cable, 128 mb xd memory card, GREAT camera i just wanted to upgrade. I bought it for $500ish with $70 for the memory card.

= $10, it's the same only white body. black and white screen about 5 inches. radio. new, used once.

HoboJimBites = sn

IM me if you are interested in anything.
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