July 12th, 2005

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ok, a fuck load of shows next week!

July 18th
Old Louisville Coffee House
6 PM
Morning Belle
Wrong Day To Quit (ex This Ship Will Sink)
Equal and Ultra (our best friends)

July 19th
Headliners Music Hall
My Finest Hour (errr.....)
The Kodiaks (everyone knows them)
The Spotlight (emo from out of town, will jones' cousin)
Morning Belle (us)

July 21st
Old Louisville Coffee House
Toying With My Clock
Recovery Period (jawbreaker-esque)
View of a Burning City
Morning Belle

July 21st (pt. 2)
Uncle Pleasant's
maybe 18+ I'm not sure
Doors @ 8, music at 9:30
The Firebird Band (Chris from Braid!)
The Zero Element (dance music, it rocks)
Morning Belle (very fucking tired by this point)

please come out and see us, we havn't played in a long time!!