Dillinger Escape Plan review

So a couple of month ago, on feb 6th,after a long weekend, I went to see dillinger escape plan and the end at club soda. And what a show it was…I had very low expectations and was really surprised, both bands gave an excellent performance, dillinger especially.
First I must mention that I will not review the first 2 open acts because I got to the showa bit late and missed them.
The end lived up to what I had heard about them, they were excellent and a very well picked opening act for dillinger I might add. They got the crowd preppedfor dillinger by displaying enough enthusiasm as well as great musicianship.
When dillinger got on, I was pretty excited. I had not been listening to them for a long time, but they had already made it to my top10 favorite albums of 2004. On cd, they showed an unbelievable amount of talent and musicianship and this was only more obvious when seen live. Their talent was easily heard through their performances.
And on top of being able to witness such an awesome performance form the dillinger escape plan, the ambience was great because there was so scenester,only fans, metal heads and a few hardcore kids here and there. Which made this an overall great show, too bad it started pretty late and there was so many bands playing.. I give it 8 mathcore thumbs up!

taste of chaos review

Taste of Chaos review

Take the essence of warped tour( angry mallrats, merch and overpriced food), add to this too many scenesters and bad hairdos and a stage sponsored by myspace.com and what you get is warped tour’s new sibling, the taste of chaos tour.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind taste of chaos was pure genius; a harder,louder, smaller version of warped tour featuring the hottest screamo bands of the moment…But the results…Not so hot.

First, on the smaller, acoustic myspace.com stage, were a few small bands, as well as local band Florence. Sadly, these bands played very, very early on (i.e. before anyone started on the main stage)which made a lot of people miss these performances (including myself!)

One thing that was lacking from this first edition of ToC tour was organization. Everything was everywhere ,the coat check was ridiculous(especially considering it was rather cold in there),, and security was more then pesky when I went to interview Mike D. from Killswitch Engage.

First band to play on the main stage was UnderOath. They did give an ok performance, but it seems they have forgotten they have more than one album, and they always seem very reluctant to play older stuff, which is always a disappointment.

Then after a short pause, Killswitch Engage were on. Although I personally find that they seemed a bit out of place in this screamo fest, they were perhaps one of the good performances of the night. Hard and loud, just like it should be.

After this, there was Senses Fail performing, which was very very ordinary, but I cannot comment much on their performances,since I missed part of it, because I was interviewing the bassist for KsE.

Finally, the band I was looking forward the most, My Chemical Romance,came on, at 8h55. They started off their set with a lot of profanity and their latest hit “I’m not okay (I promise)” off their album,
“Three cheers for sweet revenge”. They played an equal amount of old and new songs, which made it very entertaining, perhaps as much as the singer “weird” stage presence.

And to finnish off our first edition of Taste of Chaos,was our headlining band, The Used. They gave an alright performance, considering most of their songs consider of whining and annoyingly catchy chord combinations.

Overall, Taste of chaos was defiantly not worth wasting a Thursday night over. Nothing out of the ordinary, very short and almost boring sets from most of the bands. For a very average concert, I give a very average 6/10.

It's been a while...

Oh god, it's been ages. I'm so sorry, the beginning of winter proofed itself to be pretty ectic and i haven't had a chance to set everything straight on here. So latest news about beloved "more rock than a crackhouse" is that it is currently on "hiatus" i.e. suspended for this semester, hopefully back this summer, but that is still to see.

But that said, i still wish to be active with cjlo, and i will be reviewing more shows, which will be awesome cuz then we really get some good content, not only here but also on cjlo.com (kidding,)

so next week, watch out for a review of the DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN show (feb 6th, mtl)
as well as in march
a review of the TASTE OF CHAOS tour, hitting montreal, and maybe if we're lucky, even an interview with one of the bands.

Stay tuned!!

Nix xo


The holidays are starting to tickle everyone so more rock than a crackhouse has a few good specials editions shows comming up for you..

Dec 7th: Nikkie's top 30 favorite of all time
In honor of my 21st bday, a little special treat for myself and of course you dear listeners!!

Dec 14th: Holiday fun
This is not guaranteed or finalize, but i will try to find good punk/hc/emo covers of holiday songs...let's see how this one turns out and let's keep our fingers crossed.

Dec 21st: Two for Tuesday Xmas Special
As my xmas gift to everyone, two from all your fave artists, make sure to make alot of requests(it's really no fun if i pick em all!!!)

Dec 28th: A year in music
More Rock than a crackhouse's own retrospective of the year's best album and best new artists

Make sure to listen up and catch all of our little holidays treats!


Last week's playlist

Date nov 23 04
Dj: nikkie
Songs Artists
1 page avenue story of the year
2 cubicles my chemical romance
3 standing on the edge of summer Thursday
4 I'm a loner a dottie a rebel get up kids
5 this charming man death cab for cutie
6 our greatest year bad astronaut
7 just tonight jimmy eat world
8 show me the money the juliana theory
9 recreation myth q and not u
10 cassandra spit for athena
11 busted stereos and myself somehow hollow
12 don’t walk away eileen sam roberts
13 like a prayer rufio
14 champagne sugarcult
15 taking it all back count the stars
16 me and julio down by the schoolyard me first and the gimme gimmes
17 clash city rockers saves the day
18 carousel blink 182
19 jen doesn’t like me anymore less than jake
20 penguins and polar bears millencolin
21 polar opposites glasseater
22 thank you for the venom my chemical romance
23 the kids arent all right evergreen terrace
24 pretty lush glassjaw
25 ebolorama every time I die
26 love lost in a hail of gun fire bleeding thru
27 buddy holly weezer
28 blood red summer coheed and cambria
29 the after dinner payback fata