If you only knew....

how much there was to tell

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Welcome everybody. This community will be whatever you make it. For anyone who has something to get off their chest. A place to come when you dont feel comfortable talking about something in your personal journal. A place for the depressed, angry, sad, annoyed, lost, friendless, and hopeless. Let yourself loose in here. Spill all of the secrets and anger, without having to worry about who will be reading.I hope that this community will become an escape for those who have nowhere else to turn. A place to freely talk about your problems, and get help and support from fellow members.

Share anything from rants, problems, poetry, art, photography.... anything you wish.

All i ask is that you don't bash others for what they write in here. We're all in this together, and if you can't appreciate that, then it would be best if you leave.

My name is Gabriela [greystarsfaded], and im the mod of this community. I will be participating just as much as everyone else, and if anyone needs a friend, or just someone to talk to, never hesitate to add me or IM me [AIM: Greystarsfaded]

Thank you everyone and i hope this turns into a wonderful community. ♥


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