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I have in complete seriousness and fullness plotted the murder of my at the time best friend. Instead I planted a lighter that red "green power" in the drivers seat of her car.

Theres a girl who goes to my highschool and my camp (did I mention she's a psyho and annoying as hell) who I've locked in a small cage. It was right outside of our cabin and it was originaly ment to hold our five rabbits. She was yelling for hours while we sat in the cabin and laughed.

Hmm... I'm going to hell.
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Hi, before I start ranting and raving I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 17, in college, 5'7 and I feel like I'm not really living my life, I'm in my own head calculating what to say and how to react and how to percieve things.
Nice to meet you though <3

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The other day I almost drove into a car while my mom was yelling at me. Later I was thinking about what it wouldve been like to actually hit that car just to make my mom feel bad.

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Dear Eric amyleesesshy,
You were a selfish friend who treated me like shit and never cared about my feelings. You're 18 yet you act like you're ten years old. I may be younger than you but your heart is made of led. I never thought I would have said that I hate you, because in fact, you were my best friend for many years. I won't be hurt anymore, I don't care if you want to say that you want to be friends with me anymore, you cunt. I hope you rot in your hell. You've just lost someone very important, and loosing me will be your biggest mistake - all of your other "friends" (fake friends) will leave you!

Had to get this out.

i've felt the hate rise up in me

I'm cera, im new and i'm 14.
yes my rant is about this certain 'friend' i'm supposed to have.
she says she;s always there for me, but as soon as i get her in trouble, she disappears.
we got into trouble together
it was part her decision.
then she turns around and calls me a two faced bitch.
I don't normally make friends with girls because they start so much goddamn drama.
but she was special.
I loved her so much. we were friends for a little less than a year.
and it ended a couple days ago.
(dramatic I know, sorry)
it may sound like petty drama.
but I guess I did something unforgivable.
I was hanging out with a girl she hated.
normally I wouldnt do that if that person she hated was doing bad things to her.
but we were drifting apart and I had always been friends with marinda.
I still miss her.
mersades, I love u and I always will. but it's jusnt not working. it's over.
that is all.
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intro .

Hi!! I'm a new member ,I've been looking for a place to let out my troubles & get some advice. I believe I have found the right place.
You see I dated a guy who was 3 1/2 years older then me for almost a year. Then I broke up with him & now I'm getting serious with a guy after a year of being alone. I was looking for someone as close to perfect for me, and I thought I found him. Well he's very into his religion which I think is great, but see I'm not a virgin and he doesn't know this but I don't know how to tell him he's expecting to wait until marriage. Also I have used drugs & alcohol not anymore but I did a few times with my ex. I just don't know how to tell him these things without losing him and especially without lying to him.
Help! Please?

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she keeps playing with my emotions.
i dont know how to feel anymore, and it just frustrates me so much sometimes i dont know what to do

im just waiting for a breakdown to occure.

i love her so much but i wish there was a way i could forget about her completley, cuz no matter how much i think of her, nothing is gonna change