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... join _moonshadowed_. A meeting place for all women everywhere living under the shadow of the moon.

I've created a community here on livejournal for women of any age, race, orientation or religion, background or ANY OTHER JUXTAPOSITION YOU CAN THINK OF to come and speak together confidentially about anything among other women.

Pass the word on as well to any friends that you feel may want to join. I am keeping this community closed so that only members may read any posts and comments made there. There will be a serious confidential nature within the community, because I want everyone to feel as comfortable posting as possible, without fear.

It's a "safe haven"... you must first apply for membership as I said before, it will not let "just anyone" join.

Much love. Pass it on.

This community is based on respect and kindness. This community is not anti-male. Simply a forum where females may connect with one another without the influence of any male members. That simple. :)

Come and chat. You're welcome here.

Love, minnorose and twilightspirit
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