Baby Name!

Boy's names. I need pagan-ish names for a baby boy. We are having our baby in June sometime and although we thought that we would like to name a boy Tobias, we're having second thoughts. It just doesn't feel right somehow and we both think there is a name out there just waiting for us to find it. Help? Have suggestions?!

Shameless Plug To Anyone Interested

I'm a horrible plugger. (Whatever that means, I'm not even sure but..)

I've created a new community on MSN based on our environment and how we feel about what is going on concerning global warnings and health (unhealth?). It's not just a place to discuss global efforts to save (and destroy) our planet, but it's also a place where members may gather together and discuss the beauty that exists in so many natural forms, whether it be a beautiful sunset that inspired a beautiful poem or picture to be taken, or a thought of life that inspired someone to feel love for living, or an event that occured that just cannot wait to be shared with others who care about the planet that we live on.

twilightspirit has joined me in this new project as a manager, and to her I say, thank you immensely! You're such a brave and loving little snarky imp! ;)

Open to members of both sexes, of any religion, of any location, I am taking this time in invite any members here in _moonshadowed_ an opportunity to join another forum where perhaps many discussions will take place, and many new friendships will be made.

So without further shameless plugging on my part (heheh), please take a look at Making Love To The Universe" and click on the "Join Now" link located on the toolbar to the left of the webpage if you are interested!

Brightest Blessings to everyone!
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As some of you on Livejournal are already aware, I'm pregnant again! :) This is awesome news for both my mate and I although lately I've been noticing that he's a LITTLE BIT withdrawn from our pregnancy and I was wondering if there is anyone here that may have been pregnant and had their spouse act a little bit scared and/or withdrawn from the pregnancy and details? How did you cope with it? What happened? Did it get better or worse as the pregnancy progressed? ...

Note here that I believe I am about 3.5 - 4 months pregnant at this point so things are just starting to progress to the point where my abdomen is swelling out a bit noticably.

It's not that Sheldon (my hubby) doesn't want the baby or anything LIKE THAT. I just think he has suddenly really began to realize that he's going to be someone's FATHER and it's freaking him out a bit. We've wanted this baby and we tried for this baby and I know that he's going to be a great dad. It's just that sometimes it's hard to be as happy and ecstatic as I want to be when I feel like I am the only one that is 100%! thrilled on the prospect and gorging myself into every tiny detail...

Help? Advice? ... ANYONE?!?
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Hey all

I think this is the first time I've posted but I really don't know. Anyway here's a poem I wrote and thought I might share.

Loves lost whispers
on the rain soaked breeze
"Come back, Come back"
it whispers softly to me.

Coloured leaves gently rustling
rustling a loves lost whisper
My love, My love.

Quiet hum of the peeper
barely heard through the whisper
the whisper of my lost love's heart
calling to me quietly
over the song
of the fading light
growing dark on my love's lost whisper.
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Any good ideas?

I'm seriously considering purchasing another horse and I'm postng a picture below of the most likely candidate that's going to come home with me in a few months once she's weaned. The reason I'm posting is because this little filly has a special mark on her forehead which I find to be very symbolic of Goddess. She has a waning moon marking her face. I'm trying to come up with the name of a Goddess that may be known with a horse connection, and also more commonly powerful during the time of the waning moon. If you have any great ideas that you think would be fitting for this little girl, please comment! I'm at a loss. Does anyone know if Rhiannon or Epona are symbolic of the waning moon? :/ I kinda thought that Luna would be a good name, but I'm open to any suggestions!

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Does anyone have and spells, rituals, herbal recipes...anything to do with bringing on ur moon time? (menstration) it would be greatly appreciated. Im willing to try anything no matter how awful it may sound/taste. I thought I was pregnant, and I got my test results back today they were negative. So something is wrong with my body, I havent had my period for since march! I'm getting a little worried Im turning to the magickal side to try and put my body back into balance...and its not menopause lol because I'm only 20!... please help me.

May The Goddess Guide your way.

Love Raven

Hating how I feel.

Hello Ladies,
Been a while since I have posted. I hate that it seems I come here with only my problems but I feel that you guys are the ones I can truly fall back on.

A month ago my boyfriend dumped me, though for the first week the bastard had me thinking I made the decision. I've gotten two books on dealing with break ups after long relationships and I have gone through most of the stages. I really hate being down and my friends don't get out much. The ones who did are all attached and busy with the sig other. I want to get out more, but I'm virtually broke and often feeling very lonely.

Does anyone have any suggestions on things that will help get me over him? I am realistic in my assurance that it will not work even if he came back. Not that I really want him to. I'm just lonely. There is so much I miss.
Anyhow, I could really use some advice. I have too much going on with school to be feeling like I do. MOst times I am fine, but occassionally I will start thinking about him or his family and become rather depressed.

Well, I had better attempt to get sleep.

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This is a community dedicated to a travelling book of shadows. Witchcraft/Wicca/Paganism is a huge faith dedicated to several strands of life. Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher when it comes to learning the old and the new ways of Pagananism. This is a community where we start to learn from eachother in more ways than one. As mentioned before myself RavenDancer and StormDancer will be starting the book of shadows up by collecting addresses of witches around the world. Two Books will be posted in different directions, and each witch will contribute to the book in his or her own way. We are hoping to create a multicultural book of shadows. From hand to hand the power is passed, from hand to hand the cirlce will cast.

In Love and Light