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MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing

Community for the crushed-velvet fanatics

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MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing

Chances are, if you have stumbled upon this community whilst trotting through Live Journal, you are already familiar with MoonMaiden. Perhaps you might even have a Bethian Coat or a Wiccan Insert Skirt lurking in your wardrobe. If not, allow me to introduce you :) MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing is the name of a Cornish-based... company? That sounds a little facelss, a little corporate. How about label? Hmmm, still not quite right! How about we skip that. Sarah and Michael create clothing for; woodsprites in a wardrobe crisis, vampires venting for velvet, witches wanting stiches, dryads desperate for decoration, faeries in a fashion flutter, bats begging for bustles, goths gagging for grandeur, pixies pining for panels, maidens mooching for mystic material and Wiccans whispering for ritual-wear.

Adorned in velvet, lace, net, Moondust Net, PVC and satin, we MoonMaideners love medieval and gothic clothing, sleeve envy and gossiping about MoonMaiden clothes. This community has been set up to cater for MoonMaiden fans on Live Journal, but please don't overlook the fabulous MoonMaiden Forum for further chat!

We don't have many rules around these parts. Anyone and everyone may join, post and converse but please don't:

  1. Post about/advertise other clothing labels/companies/websites. This includes eBay auctions and direct sales. They would be more appropriate over on niceboots  :)

  2. Post anything unsuitable for minors. Let's keep things clean.

  3. Spam us with thoughtless, irrellevent community promos.

  4. Hastle our members. This is an open community, so please don't abuse our trust!

  5. Hot-link photos from the MoonMaiden site. Let's not eat up all their bandwidth ;)

Please feel free to post opinions on the latest designs, thoughts and comments following the latest Whisperings, pictures of yourself flouncing about in your latest MoonMaiden purchases, questions about anything MoonMaiden related, wish-lists (you never know who might be reading =D ), just-ordered lists and any off-topic posts that you think might whip the community into a typing frenzy! This community will undoubtably be quite quiet, so please don't hesitate to spread the link about and post any old rubbish that pops into your head =)

N.B. all pictures have been re-hosted.