simm (simm42) wrote in _moonmaiden_,

The Midsummer's Night Ball - a masquerade ball in Salisbury

Your hosts, Oberon and Titania, cordially invite you to enter our magic hall with your best finery and indulge in mischief, glamour, and magic in historic Salisbury, a few miles from sacred Stonehenge.

The ball is taking place on 20 June, 2008, Midsummer's eve, from 7:00pm till 1am. We truly wish to make this an evening for our guests to remember: be whisked away by a horse and carriage to the marble steps of the Salisbury guildhall, where the Oreo String Quartet will be playing music for the season in the Foyer. Fine wines and casked ales are being provided by Shipseys for your enjoyment. Puck and Attendant Faeries, courtesy of Firecat Masquerade, will be making an appearance to entertain our guests while DJ duo Sexbat and The Ingenue and DJ Andy Ravensable keep the trad-goth and industrial music going until the early hours. Photographer Dylan will take photos so you can have momentos of your special evening. Expect a surprise or two as well along the way, as this is a night when nothing is as it seems, and anything is possible!

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