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Hello! I just wanted to say hi to all of the mommies out there. I remember posting in this community in 2005. I hope you all are well. :)

I want to invite anyone and everyone who might be looking for a new, supportive, not cliquey mommy forum to head over to Chatting iMoms- We love chatting and we love meeting new people so join up and give us a whirl whether you are TTC, pregnant, or already a mommy! I hope to meet some of you there. :)
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Hi there, my name is Christina. I am a single Mom to a handsome healthy five month old, William. ( He is named after my Dad, who passed away after a short battle with cancer in 2005. ) I'm in the process of divorcing Will's father who enjoyed cheating with other women. He's living with his latest girlfriend now and Will and I are currently living with my Mom.

I hope to make new friends here!

Sickly Baby?

Hey ladies, I have a friend whose grandchild seems to having some very scary symptoms.  The baby boy is about 6 and 1/2 months old.  His skin is sickly (dark around his eyes and overall a greyish tone), he doesn't seem to be growing (his head hasn't grown in 3 months and he has dropped to the 3rd %), and his fingernais are falling off.  The doctors say that nothing is wrong, but they are still worried.  Does anyone have any info or thoughts on this?  TIA


Intro : )

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I'm 21 years old. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter named Therisa (Ta-rissa) and I just recently got engaged to the love of my life. He's not my daughter's biological father but he has taken on the role of daddy and he makes an excellent one. My daughter's biological father is worthless and has never really wanted much to do with her so I'm extremely lucky to have found a man that's willing to be there for her. We plan on TTC this fall and are extremely excited! It's nice to meet all of you! : )
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Post Partum Depression

I hate this.  I hate how I feel.  I hate being sad.  I hate being depressed.  I hate hating life.  Why can't I be happy anymore?  Why can't I find something to be happy about?  Why do I feel like such a bad person?  Why do I feel like a bad mother?  Why do I feel like everything is my fucking fault?  I can't take it anymore, I really can't and it scares me.  

I've always been depressed to an extent.  Honestly, I don't remember a time in my life when I was truly happy.  Maybe I was and just don't want to remember that time, but I don't remember it.  I guess that I always thought that depression was normal.  It was never bad.  Just sadness here and there out of nowhere, just feeling alone, but it always went away or was masked easily when I did something that I enjoyed.  Something that didn't involve being alone.  Now, however, I can't shake this sadness.  It's always there.  I always feel like crying.  I feel like I hate my life and myself.  I feel like a terrible mother and I have tons of regrets.  

I love my kids so much, please don't get me wrong!  There are just times when I feel like being a mother is so hard and I just can't handle it.  There are times I feel like my kids are to blame for my not having a life.  There are times when I feel like they are ruining my social life.  There are times I feel like I'm single and lonely because of my kids and that I will never find anyone because of them.  I feel like, in my mind, I blame them for so much when they don't deserve it.  I love my kids and I would do anything for them.  I just get to the point, at times, where I get so overwhelmed that I just sit down in the middle of whatever I was doing and I just start crying.  I just start crying and can't stop.  I  really feel like I have post partum depression.  However Olivia is 11 months old already.  How could I have it for this long? Doesn't it go away eventually?  I need help and I know I do.  I'm admitting to myself and to others that I need help.

For the past few months I was so ashamed of how I feel.  I thought it was wrong of me.  I thought I was a bad mom for how I feel... I just felt like a bad person.  Though I feel like I have to admit it to someone so that I can get the help I need for it.  I need to get to the Medicaid office to recertify for insurance so I can get help.  I don't think I could be able to go to a doctor without insurance to get any help because of how much counseling costs.  I can call around and get advice and prices, but I'm just so confused as to where to go.  I hate myself.

My mom doesn't help me.  She always tells me, "Post partum depression isn't a disease, it's a poor excuse not to be a parent."  She says I'm sick in the head and don't deserve to be a parent becaues I "abandon" my kids.  I don't abandon them. I do what I can for them.  There are just those times where I start crying or feel like sleeping would solve everything.  My mom says I'm just "god damn lazy" and a "poor excuse for a human being".  She tells me I'm a "whore", a "slut" and a worthless bitch that shouldn't even live.  My mom throws insults out a lot.  She has always been verbally abusive to me, but I always make excuses for her because she's my mom.  She's the person who raised me and the person who is supposed to support me, but she doesn't.  She always makes me feel like shit.  She is the one who makes everything worse for me.  I don't know what to do anymore.  I just want to cry all day long. 

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so I haven't posted in a couple days, haven't had a lot of drive since im not getting many comments, but i guess i'll keep trying. Anyways not much is going on. just classes and stuff. hmm. Shawn and i did some shopping today. well kinda i wanted to see him so he picked me up and we went shopping for his work, they sell pop. then he bought me chinese yum=]. i REALLY want a Wii for Christmas lol. I'm trying to convince my mom that "Santa" REALLY wants to get me one haha. I'm getting excited for Black friday, I don't know how Jecys is going to deal with mommy and Grandma getting him up early to go shopping haha. If Shawn comes over that way i'm sure he'll stay with him. that'd be easier anyways on everyone. Thanksgiving should be good going to my dads parents=]. what is everyone else doing for Thanksgiving?


so i'm new here, and im not making many friends quickly. My name is Miyanah, i am 18 years old. I am the mother to a wonderful little boy named Jecys Holdan Lee who will be 3 in February. Jecys will also become a big brother to a littly boy due in March. I am dating the father of both my children, Shawn. i hope to get to know everyone=] please add me if you would like to get to know me more=]

New to the world of mommies

Hello, everyone. My name is Crystal, and my hubby and I just welcomed our first child, a little girl names Sariah Brynn into the world on September 29th. I wasn't due until October 25th, but due to high blood pressure, my sweet little girl was taken by c-section a month early. Due to this we spent a week in the NICU at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN. Her lungs were underdeveloped and she had to have a nitric oxide treatment for several days as well as being on breathing tubes. I'm glad to report that she's doing wonderfully now, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!
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