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6.02 times 10 to the 23rd = hawt

1. Name:Patriqué
2. Age:18
3. Location:Oxnard,CA
4. Height:5'6
5. Favorite Bands:
3.)Mary J Blige
4.)Jack Johnson
6. Tell us about yourself in 7 sentences:
1.)I have a great sense of humor.
2.)I am probably one of the most unique people you'll ever meet.
3.)I am a bitch to those who are a bitch to me.
4.)I love tennis, its the best sport in the world...that means i am a tennis player
5.)I am gay! WOOOOOOOO!!
6.)I a
m man of a lot of words!
7.)I'll always get the last word on you! LOL...sometimes..haha
7. Suck up to your mods:
marylikewhoaa I like that hat!
dramaticdia thats a hot shirt!
ransom_notes You are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous!
hannah1629 You have pretty hair and eyes!
8. Promote this community in one other active rating community. This link will be checked. This Community has been promoted in my community...

Come join us and see if your truly gorgeous.
posted by 4everchanging i have no other communities to post it in!

9. Post at least 5 clear, unphotoshopped pictures of yourself. You may post more if your heart so desires. how about 2 since thats all i could find
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

10.A 200x200 picture for the Member's section
hmmm dont know how to do that cuz i am not THAT computer literate!

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