Hey, I'm going to leave. I've just started my own community h0ney_kiss if anyone wants to come join.

I was never really accepted here anyway, but I need to concentrate on my community now and this place isn't that active.

I wish you all well though, and feel free to add me on lj or on MySpace

Zoe ♥

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Sorry guys, But I'm leaving.
I think this could be a great community 'cause all of you are so pretty and wicked nice. But no one ever posts, and its just really inactive. sorry.

mod//omfgz promote!!

hello ladies,

everybody please please promote!!

this is a critical time in getting a good community started, so do whatever you can.

promote to one person, 10 people, 50 people. anything.

it really depends if you want to see this community succeed. i know i do.

thanks for the help, darlings! ♥
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Sorry. Im leaving/taking a break for now.

Hey guys,

I know I have been here for just a week or two, and I feel really bad, but I'm going to take a breather from most of the communities here. I've decided to leave most of them, I've gotten a bit too wrapped up in livejournal, and I'm taking a break. I feel like I'm way too occupied with communities, voting on applicants, reading posts, feeling almost 'obligated' to be active. I'm feeling a real crunch for time because I've been gone alot riding my horse, our out with my friends who don't have computers/I can't get on lj from theirs. And I don't want to be stressed. You guys have a great community, I've enjoyed it the time that I've been here, if anyone wants to add me, go ahead and comment on my friends banner, and I'll certainly consider you. Thanks again for the fun,
<3 Kelsey